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Tender documents for Overhaul of Engines and Hydraulic Systems


Tender conditions Overhaul of engines and hydraulic systems

The notice of invitation to tender


Appendix 1_Tender Cond_Time Schedule

Appendix 2_Tender Cond_Technical Specification and Minimum Requirements

Appendix 3_Tender Cond_Overhaul Agg with exhibit 3

Appendix 4_Tender Cond_Bank Guarantee

Appendix 5_Tender Cond_ Bid schedule

Appendix 5_Tender Cond_Bid schedule_excel

Appendix 6_Tender Cond_Espd

Questions & Answers

ESPD (XML-file) Open file

ESPD (XML-file) Download file



Update 19.12.2017 Regarding ESPD: 

After having completed the ESPD, press "Overview" and afterwards scroll down and press “Download
as” remember to save the XML-file. The XML-file must be submitted to Lokaltog's contact person, as part
of the request for participation.

Update 21.12.2017 Regarding ESPD:

Lokaltog has received a question as to whether the ESPD shall be signed.

The tenderers are not going to sign the ESPD, but the tenderers are in Part VI of the ESPD only going to insert date and location. 


Deadline for submission of written Questions is 4. January 2018 to

Deadline for submission of an offer is 16. January 2018 to